The ESG Planning Guide for Energy Projects

So, what are you going to do about ESG?

ESG is a powerful concept that combines expectations for environmental (E) and social (S) benefits with effective governance (G), to ensure those benefits are achieved. How can project teams manage ESG with the same discipline, structure, and consistency that characterize the way they manage safety, cost, schedule, and quality? The answer lies in doing what teams do best: breaking down the problem into manageable chunks, setting up a process everyone can follow, working together to develop a plan to which all players can commit, and then executing that plan.

This Guide is a methodology for doing exactly that. It is a workbook, filled with predefined worksheets to be completed for each project. It provides a structure for planning workshops to address each aspect of an ESG plan. Having their own copy of the Guide ensures team members are “on the same page” throughout the project – save with bulk pricing discounts!

In addition to its use by project teams, this Guide can also be used by executives, investors, lenders, or government agencies as part of due diligence to ensure plans are in place to meet or exceed ESG requirements and expectations. 

What the industries are saying

This Planning Guide is easy to follow and addresses ESG project planning in much the same way that project professionals think of safety, quality, and schedule performance. — Matt Sellers, Vice President, Kiewit Energy Group

Rather than pontificating, Westney dives right into breaking ESG down into concrete and intuitive building blocks which all project leadership teams face. This is a practical handbook for taking typically misunderstood concepts and turning them into critical components of successful project execution. — Lloyd Kirchner, Vice President – Zachry Group and Independent Director

Questions Answered

  • What, exactly, does ESG mean for project managers and teams?
  • How do teams translate the broad goals of ESG into specific objectives?
  • How do they develop a project ESG plan to meet these objectives?

Features & Benefits

  • Tailored to the specifics of an energy sector engineering and construction project
  • Provides critical thinking questions and predefined worksheets to facilitate the planning process for each project
  • Practical guidance for preparing and leading ESG planning workshops
  • An efficient way to prepare a Project ESG Development Plan at the start of the project, as well as a Project ESG Execution Plan at the final investment decision

Published April 2023 by PennwellBooks – order from the publisher:

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