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Creating value requires a consulting firm to deliver solutions that strike the right balance between fresh ideas that bring competitive advantage, and proven practices that ensure efficiency. This requires thought leadership via professional associations, publishing, and speaking engagements. An ongoing dedication to thought leadership ensures capturing the latest ideas thinking from others while testing and improving one’s own ideas as well.

Doing good demands doing better: Delivering net-zero capital projects

A net-zero project management framework aligns project performance with current trends in asset valuation and energy transition goals.

Managing capital risk in the race to net zero

Building the net-zero workforce

A four-step strategy can help enable the next generation of industry workers to deliver the net-zero portfolio.

Capturing the net-zero opportunity with portfolio synergies

Planning for the net-zero project portfolio presents a long-awaited opportunity to update conventional thinking, transform work processes, and dramatically improve performance.

Transforming capital projects to deliver net-zero emissions

Net-zero capital expenditures will greatly exceed the current capacity of the projects sector. Collaborative transformation can help players deliver the net-zero project portfolio.

Managing project portfolios to unlock trapped capital

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many businesses to try to minimize short-term capital outlay; considerable capital can be unlocked by rethinking the way project risk is recognized and funded.

Recent Media – Speaking Engagements

  • Rice Global Forum – Sept. 2023: Caught in the Crossfire – EPC in a World of ESG
  • ECC Sponsor Only Session – Aug. 2023: half day invitation-only executive workshop for engineering & construction leaders – The Energy Transition is Demanding Industry Transformation –Who Will Drive Change, and How?
  • McKinsey & Company – Global Infrastructure Initiative, Tokyo Summit Conference – Oct. 2022: Defining the Role of Leadership in the New Era
  • LNG Export NA 2024 Conference & Exhibition – June 25-26, 2024, Houston

    Panel moderator: LNG Project Decarbonization; Driving Towards Net Zero LNG

    See Interview with Richard Westney: Interview 5 | LNG Export 2024


One-on-one interview at ECC Conference

ECC Achievement Award Acceptance speech

Interview with BIC Magazine regarding the energy transition

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